You’re always welcome at Yarn Basket!

Yarn Basket was established by a lifelong yarn lover August 2014 on Maryland Avenue in the heart of downtown Annapolis, Maryland. Intended for both knitting enthusiasts and crochet devotees alike, Yarn Basket is a full-service yarn store, selling quality yarns, spinning fibers, spindles, and notions for knitting, crochet, and more. Come take one of our many classes or join us for our current knit-a-long. Need some assistance with a project or just want a friend to knit with? Stop on by!


As a benefit to our store patrons, we are happy to offer the following:

  • Error correction
  • Finishing services
  • Project suggestions
  • Yarn selection assistance
  • Pattern customization


A Note From the Owner

I learned to knit when I was a child around age 7. My grandmother and aunt encouraged me and knitting became part of who I am. Since then, I always dreamt of owning a yarn shop someday. Life took a different turn, but it was always in the back of my mind as something I might do in the future. Then, the only yarn shop in Annapolis closed and I knew it was time to turn my dream into reality.

The birth of Yarn Basket came from a long lasting desire, built from the memories of my childhood. Throughout our store you’ll experience the dream that created Yarn Basket. I hope it brings as much joy to my customers as it gives me, spending my days with beautiful, luxurious yarn and hand crafted masterpieces.
— Carmen Jalkh